Idukki Revenue District Sasthrolsavam Result 2016-17- Sasthramela

By: Falcon Today: May 25, 2017

Idukki Revenue District Sasthrolsavam/Sasthramela 2016-17 will be conducted on November 2016. Revenue district sasthrolsavam winners will be eligible to participate on state school sasthrolsavam 2016-17 at Kollam. The venues of Idukki district sasthramela are SG Higher Secondary School and SH Girls Higher Secondary School, Muthalakodam.

Idukki District Sasthrolsavam Social Science Fair/Work Experience Fair/IT Fair Result

The winners in the sub-district level are participating in the district level competitions. Kattappana, Thodupuzha, Arakulam, Nedumkandam, Peerumedu and Adimali are the Sub-Districts that come under Idukki Revenue District. The Winning schools in the district levels will be eligible to meet the state level Sasthramela 2016.

Idukki Revenue District Sasthrolsavam Results – Points

Idukki Revenue District Sasthrolsavam/Sasthramela 2016 Results available on

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The students who proved their talents at school levels are participating the Sub-district level competitions. The Point tables and grades scored by the students and schools at the School level and Sub-District level competitions are available at / Idukki Revenue District Sasthrolsavam Results 2016 –

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