Ration Card Non Priority – Priority / APL-BPL Ration card List Kerala

Kerala Civil supplies corporation has published the Draft list of New Ration cards ( Priority / Non-priority list) on www.civilsupplieskerala.gov.in.
The Kerala APL/BPL ration card list and the details for the new ration cards will be available from Taluk supply office, City rationing office, Village office, Panchayath office, ration shops etc.

National Food Security Act (NFSA) Priority/Non Priority List – Ration Cards Kerala

Draft of Priority/Non Priority List based on the National Food Security Act 2013 (NFSA) can check from the above mentioned offices in Kerala and the civil supplies corporation web site www.civilsupplieskerala.gov.in.

Submit Complaints on Ration Card Priority/Non Priority List

The people can submit any complaints of the new ration card Priority/Non Priority list to the Taluk supply office, City rationing office, Village office, Pachayath office, ration shops etc along with the prescribed application form and required supporting documents on or before November 5, 2016.

Ration Card Priority/Non Priority List Application Format (complaints)

Ration Card priority / non-priority list complaints application format can be available from the list published offices. It can also download from the below link

Kerala Ration Card Draft List ( Priority/Non Priority List )

Ration Card Draft List Details

Kerala Ration Card Priority/Non Priority List : 20-10-2016

Last date for Submit Complaints on Priority/Non Priority List : 5-11-2016

Check Priority List Online : www.civilsupplieskerala.gov.in

Ration Card Priority/Non Priority List Available on :

Taluk supply office
City rationing office
Village office
Pachayath office
Ration shops

Latest update (13/3/2017): Kerala Ration card Final Priority List published. Candidates can check the final list at www.civilsupplieskerala.gov.in. List available at www.civilsupplieskerala.gov.in – Ration card Final Priority list