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State Kalolsavam 2017 Result, Live, Programmes

By: Rider Today: Dec 06, 2016

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57th Kerala State School Kalolsavam 2017 will be started at Kannur from January, 2017 at 19 venues in Kannur district. About more than 10, 000 contestants are performed to prove their talents in various categories like Art, Music, Dance, Drama etc.

57th Kalolsavam Results 2017 – Kannur

The School Kalolsavam 2016 programmes Schedule and Items details and Results are available at www.schoolkalolsavam.in. The Kalolsavam 2015 live results will be available on website. Instant SMS Registration for kalolsavam 2016 Live Results go to Kalolsavam 2016 SMS registration

Kalolsavam 2016 Results – Latest Item Wise Result

School Kalolsavam Programme Items
SL Item Item Detailed Result
1601School Kalolsavam Chithra Rachana - Pencil Result
2602School Kalolsavam Chithra Rachana - Water Colour Result
3603School Kalolsavam Chithra Rachana - Oil Colour Result
4604School Kalolsavam Cartoon Result
5605School Kalolsavam Sasthreeya Sangeetham(Boys) Result
6606School Kalolsavam Sasthreeya Sangeetham(Girls) Result
7607School Kalolsavam Kathakali Sangeetham (Boys) Result
8608School Kalolsavam Kathakali Sangeetham (Girls) Result
9609School Kalolsavam Lalithaganam (Boys) Result
10610School Kalolsavam Lalithaganam (Girls) Result
11611School Kalolsavam Mappilappattu (Boys) Result
12612School Kalolsavam Mappilappattu (Girls) Result
13613School Kalolsavam Veena Result
14614School Kalolsavam Violin - Paschathyam Result
15615School Kalolsavam Violin - Paurasthyam Result
16616School Kalolsavam Odakuzhal Result
17617School Kalolsavam Nadaswaram Result
18618School Kalolsavam Chenda / Thayambaka Result
19619School Kalolsavam Guitar - Paschathyam Result
20620School Kalolsavam Thabala Result
21621School Kalolsavam Mrudamgam / Ganchira / Ghadam Result
22622School Kalolsavam Madhalam Result
23623School Kalolsavam Kathakali (Boys) Result
24624School Kalolsavam Kathakali (Girls) Result
25625School Kalolsavam Ottanthullal (Boys) Result
26626School Kalolsavam Ottanthullal (Girls) Result
27627School Kalolsavam Nadodi Nrutham (Boys) Result
28628School Kalolsavam Nadodi Nrutham(Girls) Result
29629School Kalolsavam Chakkyarkoothu (Boys) Result
30630School Kalolsavam Bharathanatyam (Boys) Result
31631School Kalolsavam Bharathanatyam (Girls) Result
32632School Kalolsavam Kuchuppudi (Boys) Result
33633School Kalolsavam Kuchuppudi (Girls) Result
34634School Kalolsavam Mohiniyattam (Girls) Result
35635School Kalolsavam Kerala Nadanam (Boys) Result
36636School Kalolsavam Prasangam - Malayalam Result
37637School Kalolsavam Prasangam - English Result
38638School Kalolsavam Prasangam - Hindi Result
39639School Kalolsavam Kavitharachana - Malayalam Result
40640School Kalolsavam Katharachana - Malayalam Result
41641School Kalolsavam Kavitharachana - Hindi Result
42642School Kalolsavam Katharachana - Hindi Result
43643School Kalolsavam Upanyasam - Malayalam Result
44644School Kalolsavam Upanyasam - English Result
45645School Kalolsavam Upanyasam - Hindi Result
46646School Kalolsavam Upanyasam - Urdu Result
47647School Kalolsavam Katharachana - Urdu Result
48648School Kalolsavam Kavitharachana - Urdu Result
49649School Kalolsavam Padyam Chollal - Malayalam Result
50650School Kalolsavam Padyam Chollal - English Result
51651School Kalolsavam Padyam Chollal - Hindi Result
52652School Kalolsavam Padyam Chollal - Arabic Result
53653School Kalolsavam Padyam Chollal - Urdu Result
54654School Kalolsavam Padyam Chollal - Tamil Result
55655School Kalolsavam Padyam Chollal - Kannada Result
56656School Kalolsavam Aksharaslokam Result
57657School Kalolsavam Kavyakeli Result
58658School Kalolsavam Mono Act (Boys) Result
59659School Kalolsavam Mono Act (Girls) Result
60660School Kalolsavam Mimicry (Boys) Result
61661School Kalolsavam Mimicry (Girls) Result
62662School Kalolsavam Kathaprasangam Result
63663School Kalolsavam Parichamuttu (Boys) Result
64664School Kalolsavam Poorakkali (Boys) Result
65665School Kalolsavam Kolkali (Boys) Result
66666School Kalolsavam Arabanamuttu (Boys) Result
67667School Kalolsavam Dafmuttu (Boys) Result
68668School Kalolsavam Margamkali (Girls) Result
69669School Kalolsavam Thiruvathirakali (Girls) Result
70670School Kalolsavam Oppana (Girls) Result
71671School Kalolsavam Vattappattu (Boys) Result
72672School Kalolsavam Sangha Nrutham (Girls) Result
73673School Kalolsavam Kathakali - Group Result
74674School Kalolsavam Ganamela Result
75675School Kalolsavam Chendamelam Result
76676School Kalolsavam Panchavadyam Result
77677School Kalolsavam Nadakam Result
78678School Kalolsavam Vrunda Vadyam Result
79679School Kalolsavam Bandmelam Result
80680School Kalolsavam Desabhakthiganam Result
81681School Kalolsavam Yakshaganam Result
82682School Kalolsavam Kerala Nadanam (Girls) Result
83683School Kalolsavam Gazal Alapanam ( Urdu ) Result
84684School Kalolsavam Nangiar Koothu Result
85685School Kalolsavam Prasangam Urdu Result
86686School Kalolsavam Chavittu Nadakam Result
87687School Kalolsavam Vanchipattu Result
88689School Kalolsavam Groupsong Urdu Result

Kalolsavam 2016 Latest Leading Points

Kalolsavam 2016 Result, Live, Programmes

Kalolsavam 2016 Bharathanatyam Result

Kalolsavam Oppana Result

Kalolsavam Group Dance Result

Kalolsavam Margamkali Result

56th Kalolsavam 2016 Kerala Nadanam Result

56th Kalolsavam 2016 Panchavadyam Result

Kalolsavam 2016 Thiruvathirakali Result

Kalolsavam Kathakali Result

Kalolsavam 2016 Kuchuppudi Result

Kalolsavam Mohiniyattam Result

Kalolsavam HS Sanskrit Result

Kalolsavam HS Arabic Result

Kalolsavam HS General Result

Kalolsavam HSS General Result

State Kalolsavam Thiruvananthapuram / Ananthapuri Venues

Kalolsavam Stage 1 . Chillanga – Putharikandam Maidanam, Trivandrum (Kalolsavam Inagural Ceremony)
Kalolsavam 2016 Venue 2. Nadanam – Poojapura Maidanam
Kalolsavam Stage 3. Mayooram – Govt. Womens College Auditorium, Vazhuthakadu
Kalolsavam Stage 4. Tharamgini – VJT Hall, Palayam
Kalolsavam Stage 5. Yavanika – St. Josephs HSS Auditorium
56th Kalolsavam Venue 6. Vanambadi – Govt. Girls (GGHSS) HSS Cotton Hill Auditorium
Kalolsavam Stage 7. Mudra – SMV Model HSS, Near Overbridge
Kalolsavam Stage 8. Nadam – Govt. Girls VHSS, Manakkadu
56th Kalolsavam Stage 9. Nilavu – Govt. LPS Cotton Hill Auditorium
Kalolsavam Stage 10. Keli – Govt.Model HS LPS, Thycaud
Kalolsavam Stage 11. Mazhavillu – Holly Angels HSS, General Hospital Junction
Kalolsavam Stage 12. Thaliru – Public Library Hall, Palayam
Kalolsavam 2016 Stage 13. Maniveena – Sree Swathithirunal Music College, Thycaud
Kalolsavam Stage 14. Thalam – Govt. Girls HSS, Cotton Hill Assembly Hall
Kalolsavam 2016 Stage 15. Geetham – Shisushema samithi Hall, Thycaud
Kalolsavam Stage 16. SMV Model HSS, Triivandrum
Kalolsavam Venue 17. SMV Model HSS, Triivandrum
Kalolsavam Venue 18. SMV Model HSS, Triivandrum
Kalolsavam Venue 19. Melam – St. Marys HSS, Pattom, Triivandrum

Evening Cultural Programmes : Gandhi Park
Exhibition : Nayanar Park

Kalolsavam 2016 Live Programmes and Videos, Kalolsavam Photos

Trivandrum Kalolsavam 2016 live Videos / results will be available on http://live.schoolkalolsavam.in/

Trivandrum Kalolsavam 2016 live Video on demand all stages available at http://kalolsavam.live/

The results are categorized as Kalolsavam UP results, Kalolsavam HS results, Kalolsavam HSS results and the district wise points, leading districts in points, kalolsavam school wise results, item wise results,individual results, school kalolsavam 2017 winners list etc. will be declared on time. Kalolsavam Item wise Results of Nadodi Nrutham, Bharathanatyam, Thiruvathirakali, Kuchuppudi, Chavittu Nadakam, Chenda / Thayambaka, Nangiar Koothu, Kathakali Sangeetham, Mruthangam, Ashtapathi, Thabala, Kathaprasangam, Bandmelam, Thiruvathira, Ganamela, Band Melam, Kathakali, Kavitharachana, Ottanthullal, Gazal Alapanam, Mappillappattu, Nadakam, Kuchuppudi, Chenda / Thayambaka, Sasthreeya Sangeetham, Padyam Chollal, Quran Parayanam, Nadaswaram, Kerala Nadanam, Mohiniyattam, Vattappattu, Nadanpattu, Lalithaganam, Panchavadyam, Mookabhinayam, Kavitharachana, Veena, Katharachana, Upanyasam, Mookabhinayam, dakkuzhal, Margamkali, Kathakali, Prasangam – Hindi, Gazal Alapanam – Urdu, Koodiyattam, Violin – Oriental , Chendamelam, Upanyasam – Malayalam, Thiruvathira, Ottanthullal etc. will be updated.

For more details visit www.schoolkalolsavam.in

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