Payippad Boat Race 2019

The Payippad Boat Race, being one of the most popular boat races in Kerala is an elaborate three days affair, which generally takes place during the months of August or, September. The festival which is generally celebrated in the Payippad Lake, in Haripad, a picturesque region, about 35 kilometers away from the district of Alleppey or, Alappuzha is one of the most colorful festivals of Kerala.

The Payippad Boat Race is homage to two of the most revered deities of Kerala, Lord Sree Ayyappan as well as Lord Subramanya. he vision also stated that the idol would be found in the Kayamkulam River, within which a whirlpool would be formed which would serve as the temporary abode of the God.

The entirety of “God’s Own Country” as Kerala is also known, is a tourist’s paradise with the famed backwaters of Kerala taking one of the most popular roles in the tourism in India

Payippad Boat Race 2019 Date : 13th September 2019