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CBSE State Kalotsav 2023, Kerala Sahodaya Kalolsavam Result

CBSE Kalotsav Result

CBSE State Kalotsav 2023 Result, CBSE Central Kerala Sahodaya Kalotsav Result, CBSE Kalotsav 2023 Results,, School Wise Point Table, CBSE Kalotsav Sahodaya Wise result 2023, CBSE Kalolosavam 2023, CBSE Youth Festival.

CBSE State Kalotsav will be held on November 24, 25 and 26th, 2023 at Sree Sarada Vidyalaya, Kalady. The 10000 contestants of 1500 CBSE schools from 25 Sahodayas will be eligible to meet the CBSE State Kalotsav 2023 at Kalady.

CBSE Kalolsavam Venue and Date: Sree Sarada Vidyalaya,Kalady
Date : November 24, 25th and 26th, 2023

CBSE State Kalotsav 2023 Result – CBSE Sahodaya Kalotsav

The CBSE State kalotsav 2023 results, latest Points table, school wise results, Item wise results, sahodaya school wise results will be available at, Kalotsav 2023 results will be available from various categories like –

Item-wise Result
School-wise Overall
School-wise Detailed Result
Sahodaya-wise Overall
Category-wise Sahodaya Total Points
Sahodaya-wise Detailed Result

Kerala CBSE Kalotsav Results 2023 are available at :
CBSE Central Kerala Sahodaya Kalotsav Result

CBSE State Kalotsav Result / Winners

CBSE Sahodaya Kalotsavam 2023 Result : Result here

CBSE State Kalotsav 2023 Results : CBSE Kalotsav Results 2023

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CBSE State Kalotsav 2023
Kerala CBSE Kalolsavam Result
CBSE State Kalotsav Resuls 2023

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