Fort Kochi Attractions: A Guide to the Top Tourist Spots in Kerala, India

Fort Kochi : Fort Kochi is an important historic town located in the southern Indian state of Kerala. It is popular among the peoples on Kerala and India for its unique blend of Portuguese, Dutch, and British colonial architecture making it an important and attractive tourist destination. There are many attractions in Fort Kochi which includes – the poular St. Francis Church, Fort Kochi Beach and more.

Attractions in Fort Kochi

Once a tourist lands on the mother land of Kerala, they will get to know about Fort Kochi. So here we have mentioned all the popular and attractive destinations in Fort Kochi where one should visit once in a life time.

St. Francis Church

St.Francis Church

St. Francis Church is one of the most popular and fascinating attraction in Fort Kochi. The church was build during the 1503’s by Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama and is known to be the oldest European-built church in India. This Church is also known to be the first church established by Europeans in our country. St. Francis Church also holds religious and spiritual importance for the local and other people of Fort Kochi. The church continues to serve as a place of worship and is visited by a large number of tourists and locals alike. Tourists will be provided an opportunity to attend mass and could enjoy the atmosphere of the church.

Dutch Palace

Mattancherry Palace

The Dutch Palace, also known as Mattancherry Palace is an important destination in the historic town of Fort Kochi. The palace was initially built by the Portuguese in the 16th century and later renovated by the Dutch. One who visits the palace must get the view of its stunning murals, which depict scenes from Hindu mythology and the life of Hindu gods and goddesses. The palace also showcases a collection of rare antiques and artifacts from the region, including weapons, jewelry, and textiles in a museum.

Chinese Fishing Nets


The Chinese Fishing Nets of Fort Kochi, located in the southern Indian state of Kerala, are one of the most iconic sights in the region. These large cantilevered fishing nets. These massive cantilevered fishing nets are believed to have been introduced by Chinese traders in the 14th century. They are still in use today, providing a unique and picturesque view of Fort Kochi.

How to Get There ?

Nearest railway station : Ernakulam, about 1½ km from the main boat jetty

Nearest airport : Cochin International Airport, about 30 km from Ernakulam

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