Kochi (Cochin) : Best Places to Visit (2023), A City of Heritage, Food, and Festivals

Kochi also known as Cochin is a popular city located in the state of Kerala. The City is known for its spices, natural beauty and mainly delicious food. Some popular dishes include dosa, appam, and sambar, as well as seafood such as fish curry and crab. There are many Attractions in Kochi for tourists.


Attractions at Kochi

One of Main attraction of Kochi is the Fort Kochi, which is a popular area and mainly a peace place for the bustling city. There are other attractions also in the city which includes Marine Drive, Chottanikara Temple and more

Kochi is known for its unique Chinese fishing nets. These nets are operated by fisherman’s at the shore. Visitors can walk through the shore observing the way how fisherman’s operates these Chinese fishing nets and catches fishes.

Many important events are also held in Kochi such as the cochin carnival, which is an important event happening on the new year date. During this event millions of people across the state will be gathered at the city to watch the event. One of the main programme during the event is the burning of pappanji.

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