Driving License and RC Book in Smart Card form soon

Smart Card form of driving license and RC Book, Smart Card based Driving License & RC Book, is the another modernization process introduced by the Motor Vehicle Department in Kerala. Card designing, data collection and other documentation process are in progress.
Driving license is widely used as ID document across the world. Smart card technology is being widely used in Identity management applications globally. It is as part of raising the Driving License and RC into international Level that the new initiative is introduced. The chief advantage of making the RC Book and driving License in Smart Card form is that, using a card reader the authorities of concerned department can have a complete monitoring system to check for licenses, vehicle registrations, insurances, fines, dues, offences etc from across the country.
Though the Motor Vehicle Department has been levied fee for making the document smart form it still issues a laminated form of document printed with hologram. It is estimated that about 3 to 5 Lakh Smart Card Driving licenses will have to be distributed in the state per month. About 28 Lakh applications for new driving licenses are received at the RT offices in the state monthly.

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