Navarathri Festival at Thiruvullakkavu

Thiruvullakkavu Sree Dharma Sastha temple is one among the important temples where Navaratri festivals are celebrated. Navaratri festival 2021 in Thiruvullakkavu Sree Dharma Sastha temple will be celebrated from October 6 to 15 with various artistic programs. The 10-day long celebrations will be ended with Vijayadasami ceremony / Vidyarambham on October 26.

Ezhuthiniruthu or Vidyarambham is the main program on Vijayadasami day. Thousands of children in the age group of 3 to 5 were initiated into the world of letters in this day.

Various art forms will be staged in the evening till Vijayadasami day. The last day of Navarathri festival (15th October 2021) will be celebrated as Vijayadasami.

Sree Dharma Sastha temple Thiruvullakkavu Navaratri program schedule

Date : 13 October 2015
Program : Classical dance (Arangettam) 7.30 pm
Various dance programs 9.00 pm

Date : 14 October 2015
Program : devotional music program 6.30 pm
Vilkalamela-GARUDAN 8.00 pm

Date : 15 October 2015
Program : Dance 5.30 pm
Chakyarkooth 7.00 pm
Dance 8.30 pm

Date : 16 October 2015
Program : Violin 6.30 pm
Drama- Kongannan 8.00 pm

Date : 17 October 2015
Program : Bharatanatyam 6.00 pm
Kalasandhya 6.30 pm
Classical music 7.30 pm

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