State Sasthrolsavam Results 2017-18 – Leading Districts

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Kerala State School Sasthrolsavam 2017-18 started on November, 2017. The winners from 14 revenue districts will be competeted on five fairs such as science fair, maths fair,social science fair, IT fair and work experience fair. The competition will be held on UP, HS and HSS/VHSE categories. About 7000 students from 14 districts will be eligible to meet the state Sasthrolsavam 2016-17 at Kozhikode.

The first and second place winners of the State Sasthrolsavam Science fair would be eligible for participating in the Southern India Science Fair which would be jointly organized by Vishwerayya Industrial & Technological Museum, Bangalore and Education Departments of various South Indian states. The Winners of the Sasthrolsavam would also get an opportunity to participate in the Jawaharlal Nehru National Science Exhibition, the premier Science show of the country.

STATE SASTHROLSAVAM RESULTS 2017 – Leading Points, Districts

Sasthramela Science result/Maths result/ Social science result/IT result/work experience points table / latest result

Kerala School Sasthrolsavam 2017-18 at Kozhikode

School Sasthrolsavam Results Science Fair – Leading Districts

School Sasthrolsavam Results Social Science Fair – Leading Districts
School Sasthrolsavam Results Mathematics Fair – Leading Districts

Sasthramela results 2017-18

State School Sasthrolsavam Result 2017 – Latest Result

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